The Jardim da Cidade urban development is located in Vila Nova de Gaia, belonging to a fully consolidated urban area which is undergoing considerable growth. It is bordered with the city’s green park and the Gaia municipal stadium. Due to it being situated just 1 km away from the city’s main thoroughfare, the Avenida da República, it is very close to all services and main modes of transport. It’s also located near the Freixo and Infante bridges (2.8 km), which allow quick and easy access to Porto. This urban development comprises a total above-ground construction area of 15,994 m2 , subdividing into a set of 6 independent lots for building multifamily housing. The land division has been approved with final acceptance carried out by Gaia City Council.



  • Total construction area: 22,510m²
  • Construction area above ground: 15,994 m2
  • Total implementation area: 3,257 m²
  • 900 m from Avenida da República
  • 2.5 km from Freixo and Infante Bridges
  • Total Price: 4,950,000,00€


Vila Nova de Gaia

The city of Gaia is located within the metropolitan area of Porto and is currently the 3rd most populous municipality in the country, after Lisbon and Sintra. It currently has over 300,000 residents who are distributed mainly among the parishes of Mafamude, Oliveira do Douro and Canidelo. Due to its close proximity, the yellow metro line with 6 stations connects Gaia to the city of Porto. Internationally known and recognised for its Port wine cellars, the automotive and glass industries, and the strong tourism sector, the city welcomes thousands of visitors every year who recognise its high cultural and heritage value.

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